Super Mario Bros. has been a staple in video game history forever it seems like. Chances are that you have played a Super Mario game.

Which one is the best though?

Super Mario Bros. 3? Super Mario Galaxy? Super Mario 64? Super Mario Land?

I think it's Super Mario World.

This probably comes to no surprise for you, especially if you know my love for the Super Nintendo gaming console.

It was the first game that I had ever played for the SNES, and I continue to play it today with a ton of fond memories. I even have my original copy with my original SNES console. Cool right? Anyway, let's take a look at the game.

Many people could consider this a beefed up version of Super Mario Bros. 3. and that makes sense, because it does have a lot of the same mechanics from the game, but it seems so much larger than SMB. 3.

The colorful lands, the boss battles, finding the switch palaces, and all of the crazy secrets that you could find in the game! Even after all of these years of owning the game, I can guarantee that there are plenty of things I have missed.

Heck, even in the past few years, I recently discovered how to get to Soda Lake, where I saw for the first time ever, Torpedo Ted! However, I would have never figured it out as a kid, but even today, I can't always get there every single time

That's what makes this game so fun!

There is a challenge to the game that stays there after all these years. You can try and try to perfect this game, but you are gonna die at some point. Especially when you reach the Star Road and go to the Secret Levels, where you are tasked with beating 8 of the most difficult levels of all time. If you beat it, you're treated to a coin message congratulating on your great game playing, it's a neat Easter egg that makes you feel awesome.

Plus we can't forget about Yoshi. This was the first time that you could ever utilize Yoshi in a video game, and riding him brought up a funky beat to whatever level you were playing. Yoshi rocks!

What about that music! It's one of the most recognizable soundtracks in video game history, because of how happy it sounds. It's such a damn happy game.

Super Mario World to this day is my favorite Super Mario game, and will continue to be forever. Super Mario Bros. 3 may have set the standard of how a Mario game is created, but it was Super Mario World that nearly perfected it.

I'll pop this cartridge in any day.

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