I'm kind of partial to "Sir Linesalot" and "Sammy Spraygar"...

The City of Grand Rapids is looking for help naming its new autonomous, GPS-enabled, turf-painting robot, designed to paint precise athletic field lines in less time and using less paint than traditional methods.

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According to a release, the City of GR expects the new bot to save the park maintenance department about $5,000 in annual labor and material costs. They say workers will be able to focus on other on other tasks, like cleaning restrooms and removing litter, while the bot does its thing.

“The new Turf Tank has become something of a local celebrity in our department,” said Parks and Recreation Director David Marquardt. “We want residents to have some fun naming this innovative addition to our maintenance team that will be soon be seen at our athletic fields.”

After nearly 850 total entries, the City has narrowed it down to a shortlist of 25 "family friendly" entries and public voting is now open through April 9. You can cast your vote here.

The name with the most votes will be added to the side of the robot.

The soon-to-be-named bot is expected to start painting lines for spring sports later this month.

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