is an app where preteens and immature adults can make videos of themselves lip-synching today's hits while basically miming. What they don't tell you about it though is that the app looks like it can conjure up demons! At least that's what happened to this girl, who looks about twelve but is wearing enough makeup to look 20, while she was mouthing words to a Bruno Mars song. 

Details of the girl aside, in the first second of the video watch the far right corner above her shoulder. If you're paying attention close enough, you'll see a shadowy figure that is clearly not a pet run by and out of frame. Now, we can all agree this is the first and biggest NOPE of 2017 so far!

So, either believe ignorance is bliss and never watch the background of your videos so you'll never know the demons lurking in your house OR obsessively check from now on. Also quit using, not just because it unleashes ghosts, but also because it's lame.

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