Do you not want to go to the store because of the weather, or because you're trying to avoid COVID-19? There is a grocery service that begins delivering in West Michigan for free today.

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With the cold and snow who wants to go to the store in all this mess? Not to mention trying to avoid the omicron variant of COVID-19. These are both great reasons to have your groceries delivered right to your home.

You already shop online for Christmas gifts, birthdays, and things you need, so why not go online and send a grocery list to someone else and have them do the shopping?

Ordering your groceries online is actually easier than you think with food solutions company SpartanNash with their Fast Lane orders.

Here is how Fast Lane works, you go online here and decide what you want. You can order from any department in the grocery store, even beer, wine, and liquor where permitted by law. With the big game coming up, this could come in very handy especially if you run out of something or have already had a few drinks.

After you place your order online, a SpartanNash personal shopper takes over finding fresh high-quality items from your list and will even text back and forth with you to make sure you get the brands you want. The cool thing is you can be specific about how ripe you would like your fruit and vegetables. You can even tell the shopper how thick or thin you would like steaks or lunchmeat cut. They also do this at a discount that is automatically included when you check out.

What is even crazier is they are delivering during the month of February for free.

SpartanNash has lots of grocery stores to choose from which allows you to get groceries from a location closest to you. You can choose from Dan's Supermarket, D&W Fresh Market, Family Fare, Forest Hills Foods, or VG's Grocery.

So stay warm in February, avoid other shoppers, make your grocery order online and have someone else shop for you then delivered the goods right to your home.

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