When collecting old Nintendo games, you would think that the popular ones would be the valuable ones right?

But it's actually the complete opposite. The stranger the game, the more rare it seems to be!

Would you have guessed that Wayne's World on the Nintendo Entertainment System is actually a really hard to find game on the NES?

The game is nothing special at all! Just a basic platformer with terrible controls. What makes the game so rare though?

The game was released very close the end of the life cycle of the NES, so many people were transferring to SNES, so many people didn't purchase the NES Wayne's World game. The less people that buy it, the more hard to find it becomes.

Searching on eBay right now, the game is easily selling for around $100! Which is crazy to think for a movie licensed video game, which were usually bad games.

Watch the video below and fast forward to the ending, it's pretty...excellent.

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