Dutch band Delain was playing a show in England on November 26th, and the bass player forgot something really important.

Always protect your nuts.

During "The Gathering", some air cannons go off to start the wrap up singalong section of the song, and the band members are supposed to not stand in front of them.

Guess who forgot?

There was an extra guitarist on stage that night, and he was wrapped up in the show and not bumping into her, when he stepped right back into the exploding cannon as it shot streamers out for the crowd.

Luckily for the crowd, his nuts stopped the streamers from hitting them in the face, so nice job taking one for the team!

Unlucky for his left testicle, though.  The pain kept getting worse and worse throughout the show, and he thought he was going to pass out form it, but he managed to make it through the show before going to the hospital.

His scrotum grew to the size of a grapefruit, and his testicle had ruptured.  The doctors operated on it, and hope he'll be able to keep the family jewel, but only time will tell.

"I was very close to losing my left testicle, but chances are good it will be fine. It will take about six weeks until I can find out though, when I have an ultrasound scan. It will also be a while before I am without the very uncomfortable pain I am in now, but sadly, it's just the way it is for now. I should be okay well in time for the European tour with SABATON though.

"Again, thank so much for all your get well wishes, support and kind messages; it means a lot to me!"

Read more at Blabbermouth

Watch the actual incident below.  I've cued the video up to right before the cannons go off.  Watch when he steps back from the riser in front.


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