This week's GRD Office Invasion took Johnnie and Little Caesars to Vista IT Group, to see Marty and his coworkers. Not only did Marty win the free lunch from Little Caesars, but one of his coworkers was the first person to play Justin in Dumber Than the Show Trivia, and won!

Also, the crew at Vista are the champions at demolishing their lunch! They went through a bunch of pizzas, breadsticks, Cinnamon Loaded Crazy Bites, and pop like it was their last meal on earth! Nothing is better than free food.

Great people, everyone is super nice and cool there, and lots of fun! They were telling me about how their bosses reward them for hitting goals, and I think I want a job there!

Congratulations again Marty, and your whole crew at Vista IT!

If you want FREE LUNCH from Little Caesars and WGRD, it's really easy to win...but you have to get signed up now!

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