If you are unvaccinated, plan on catching COVID-19 once every year, year and a half or so, just like catching the flu, even if you've already had the virus.

It seems that many people in Michigan and around the country have short term memory or what I like to call, selective memory. What I mean by this is, since ignorant politicians who are not doctors or scientist who specialize in the study and spread of infectious diseases, have made a health problem a political issue. Therefore many people have not gotten vaccinated. What I don't understand is, every single person in this state or country had to be vaccinated to attend school. Received certain vaccinations to protect them from a variety of things from when they were born until the began school. How have people forgotten about those vaccinations they received as a child? Selective memory.

The problem here is, this type of reluctance and ignorance is killing people and keeping this state and country from getting back to running at 100%. This is something everyone wants no matter what they believe politically. So why not get vaccinated and move on? Don't let your pride kill you or another family member.

Well for those who have not been vaccinated but have caught COVID-19 and say oh I've had the antibodies, I'm good, I don't need the vaccine. Part of that is correct you do have antibodies but they don't last as long you might think they do. This makes you more susceptible to catching the virus again and again and you will.

You have to ask yourself, are you willing to continue to catch this virus and chance spreading it to the ones closest to you over and over again. Don't forget, this virus could mutate again and perhaps come back even worse than the deadly delta variant we are all dealing with now.

According to WOOD, using the data researchers have that goes all the way back to 1984, means the virus will be constantly found in the population. There is no lifetime of protection because you once had the virus. The vaccination is the only way to protect from infection or reduce the symptoms when you do catch the virus.

Here is something else to think about, you can get re-infected in three months or less. So do you really want to risk catching the virus every 16 to 17 months or possibly more just because of your ego? Is winning a losing argument just that important to you and your family?

I don't go to my mechanic to get blood work done as well as I don't rely or politicians to advise me on my health. I will continue to trust doctors and scientists who have dedicated their life to solving these problems, rather than listen to some idiot who is only power hungry and doesn't really care about the well being of the public in the first place.

Do yourself, your family, your friends and the rest of us a favor, GET VACCINATED!


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