Hour 1
Zane will be competing in a triathlon this Saturday when we are visiting WQLZ in Springfield, IL. He asked this morning which members of the show would be coming out to support him. Zero hands went up. We gave an update on a story we talked about a while ago this morning. The husband of a woman who drove the wrong way down the highway while drunk and killed 8 people is now suing everyone including the state and the owner of the van she was driving. Basically, they're saying that she was in no way responsible. Free Beer told us about a product his wife was talking about last night that is essentially a jacket that you put on your dog to keep them calm during thunderstorms. This reminded us of a woman who created a hug machine that supposedly helps autistic people in some way.

Hour 2
Each morning, we do a short cut-in with the local TV station and talk about one of the hot topics of the day. Yesterday, Zane made a comment that touched a nerve with one of our viewers and a complaint was made to the station. We played the comment this morning and talked about how, as usual, it was taken wrong. A woman on Long Island left her baby unattended in a hot car while she went shopping recently. She was confronted by a news reporter at her house and when the door opened, the reporter was soaked with a pitcher of water being thrown at her, then by a hose. You can see that in the Video Reel.

Hour 3
Quiet Storm TJ gave us an update on Intern Nater Tot's sickness from yesterday. Just like we are, he's also pretty convinced that Nate was hungover and not sick. Earlier in the week, we played the audio of the preacher at the NASCAR race and the prayer that he gave. It has already been auto-tuned and it's awesome! If you missed it this morning, you can see it in the Video Reel.

Hour 4
We spent a full hour today going over a survey from AskMen.com about the "modern man". It was called the Great Male survey. While there were many topics discussed, we focussed mostly on the question that asked if you would break up with your girlfriend if she gained a bunch of weight. We took a bunch of calls from women who had been broken up with and also men who had broken up with women because of weight gain. We closed the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $400 from our friends at Cat Footwear.

Hour 5
We discussed last Friday how intern Flap completely screwed up the breakfast order the day before. He failed to tell the restaurant nearly all of the details and made them very confused. We confronted him about this today and it just turned in to us mocking him for his "radio voice". While trying to tell a story about a radio guy that he used to work with, Free Beer was 100% derailed by Zane and Hot Wings and their inappropriate jokes about the guy's death. If you missed it, listen to segment 14 of the podcast immediately! We closed the show with a crazy animal hoarding story from Philadelphia and also by telling what we learned today. Talk to you tomorrow!