It's not unusual for young boys to have vivid imaginations, but a pair of twins are detailing their former lives – including how they died – and their alleged memories are bone-shaking.

Ram and Shesh Narain Diwediamoo claim that they were once farmers living in a small village in India.

After an altercation over property, an elder from another village invited them over to "make peace."

While reconciling the situation, the elder allegedly threw a poisonous substance into the farmer's faces and then stuffed them inside a well – leaving them to die.

As reported by Sun Online, the detailed memories of the two young children echoed an eerie real-life double murder that occurred four months before the children were born.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia, investigated the paranormal tale and believed that the children might indeed be reincarnated and hold vague memories of their past lives.

According to his report, Ram and Shesh Narain Diwedi, nicknamed Ramoo and Rajoo, showed striking physical and emotional similarities to the deceased victims.

Stevenson noted that both twins had unusual birthmarks that would have corresponded with the poles used to pin the deceased men down inside of the well.

Stevenson also claims that both twins had "streaks of increased pigmentation" on their skin running horizontally across their torsos and abdomens, which matched the description of where ropes were placed on the recovered bodies.

The boys also were said to have had an emotional response after seeing their relatives from their previous life.

The Sun Online reports that both boys were spotted crying after seeing what would have been their "mother" and "older brother" and allegedly recognized their "sons" and acted "paternally" despite their young age.

"The children also showed behavior unusual in their families and that, in those cases in which the claims were verified, matched the behavior of the deceased persons the children claimed to have been," says Stevenson, as reported by Sun Online.

If that isn't eerie enough, the twins were also able to namecheck two of the murderers, Raja Ram and Hori Lal, and give a detailed report on their role in the murders.


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