This Portage man is gaining popularity on TikTok with his tips on how to stop smoking.

Vincent Brigance can be found on TikTok as @stopsmokingspecialist where, as of July 13th, 2021, he has 12.3 thousand followers and nearly 15 thousand total video likes.  Vinnie's videos are a mix of motivation, tips and facts about smoking and of course kicking the habit.

I'm not surprised at all that his "How to stop smoking in an hour" video has been viewed nearly 90,000 times.  In the video below Vinnie talks about making the changes at the habitual level.

What about the people that want to quit smoking but also, love smoking?  Vincent talks about the conflict that many smokers deal with in the video below that has been viewed over 51 thousand times.

Knowing the negative effects of smoking on your health and your finances is not always enough to kick the habit.  Vinnie points out that 7% of nurses smoke.  Nobody know about the negative effects more than medical professionals.


If you want to quit smoking or know someone who does, you can see more of Vinnie's videos by clicking here.

If you're interested in the Stop Smoking Specialist, you might also want to check out Kalamazoo's @momnutritionist.

momnutritionist on TikTok
momnutritionist on TikTok


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