It truly is incredible to see what someone can do with a bit of wood and some creativity.

I stumbled upon a Michigan artist who creates incredible works of art using a technique called wood-burning. Wood burning, otherwise known as Pyrography, is the act of creating designs using a heated object to burn materials (like wood). That's putting it simply.

Sure, I can make a swirly pattern on a piece of wood. But, this? This is truly astonishing.

Raine, or @rainealexandra on Tiktok, has combined both wood burning and painting to create her works. Here are a few examples:

But, Raine isn't just creating art. On her website, she describes what she's doing as,

Communicating stories from the earth & beyond through wood, paint & fire.

It looks like she can create her art using every kind of wood surface. This slice from a stump, for instance, can be hung on a window:

While this piece was created on an actual tree stump:

The attention to detail is impressive, to say the least.

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Using her skills, she creates magnets, pencil holders, tarot cards for display, and a lot more. And, yes, they are for sale. You can learn more about Raine, her art, her life living among Michigan's wooded areas, and more here.

While Tiktok, like every other social media platform, has the potential to open a person up to bullying and other hateful comments, I love when I see the platform used for things like this...sharing creations of all kinds.

You can find more of Raine's work on their Tiktok page.

Tiktok can also be used to show off cooking skills. Even if one finds themselves in the middle of the woods:

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