I've seen this cat many times on Tiktok and had no idea that she lives right here in West Michigan.

The Tiktok account, @trinidadvern, takes us through their daily life showing things like go-cart racing with the family, the winter wonderland that Michigan can be, and weddings they've attended.

But, the real stars are the animals. First, there's the husky named Blu. Blu shows off some pretty typical husky behavior like loving the snow:

And just being a silly girl:

But, and this is no offense to Blu, Kiwi the cat steals the show in my opinion.

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Her most popular video, which you'll see below, actually popped up on my feed about 2 years ago. It shows a very enthusiastic cat (Kiwi) running with all her might and jumping into her owner's arms:

While the above video is a repost of the original, I believe the original was viewed over 20 million times. Even for a cat, this crazy behavior is a bit extra and I love it.

As with a lot of animal behavior, Kiwi's leaping antics began when she was younger:

The account, which also goes by Verenice, now has over 55k followers thanks to Kiwi. Or at least that's what I'm assuming. After all, for all the hate that cats get, people sure do love watching videos of them. Like this one showing Kiwi keeping her prey on edge as she decides whether or not she's going to attack:

You can see all of Kiwi's (and Blu's) content here.

While I stumbled upon @trinidadvern's account by chance, you can nominate someone to be featured for Tiktok Tuesday. Find the submission form below:

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