Jokes about his job, racism, and kidnapping aren't for everyone, but they're pulling in millions of views for this Benton Harbor man.

Lamar currently has 76.1 thousand followers and 1.7 million total video likes on his TikTok channel @mmartymar_. You'll see everything from smooth skate dancing moves to dark and hilarious comedy videos on Lamar's TikTok channel. Let's check out the most viewed videos on his channel so far.

@mmartymar's most viewed video has the caption "When patients that used to be racist get a black caregiver." This video has been viewed 2.4 million times with over 485 thousand likes.

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Let me get the next warning out of the way right up front. Please, NEVER put a plastic bag on your head for any reason whatsoever. Now, with that being said, Lamar had a viral video making a kidnapping joke using a TikTok audio trend. This video has been viewed 1.6 million times with nearly 252 thousand likes.

This video uses the same audio trend as the last video. However, it's a parody of a classic scene from the 80s movie 'Say Anything.' This video has been viewed 652.9 thousand times.

In this adorable video, Lamar is teasing his little baby with the pacifier and it backfires quickly. This TikTok has been viewed 300.5 thousand times.

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