We got a ton of texts every morning at 1-800-947-3979. But this one was by far the best text we got this morning!

THIS, folks, is a great example of Show Code!

Free Beer & Hot Wings
Free Beer & Hot Wings

What's Show Code, you ask? Well, it started off when we decided that as hosts, we had a duty to share embarrassing stories about ourselves for the good of the show. If something bad happens to one, it is very funny for the others. The audience has since embraced the concept and taken it to a new level.

"Show Code" for the audience not only includes embarrassing stories, but also the duty to participate in topics that come up that you have experience with. You may have never called a radio station or our show before, but someday we’ll be talking about something you can relate to better than anyone else, and "show code" dictates that you take action! Remember, you can always remain anonymous by giving the name Jimbo or Janebo!

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