Since the lockdown started, people have been ordering out more and some foods are becoming way more popular than others.

According to data supplied by GrubHub to Fox News the most popular delivery foods during the lockdown are:

  • Sausage egg cheese burrito: 250% more popular
  • Glazed donut: 119% more popular
  • Fried cheese curd: 110% more popular
  • Red velvet cupcake: 93% more popular
  • Spicy chicken wrap: 85% more popular

Donuts and cheese curds are pretty Midwestern, but what's up with the massive sausage egg and cheese burrito?  I don't think I've ever even had one in my life...

The report also lists the most popular delivery items for the Northeast, South, and West and you can check those out on Fox News.

What has been your go to delivery food while we are forced to stay at home?

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