Why the crew at the NFL on CBS decided to figure out a way for the Lions to make the playoffs is beyond me. But they did it. And the Lions are still in contention.

Sure, its junk math, but it just goes to show you, there's always hope, right?

In a Tweet Thursday, the NFL on CBS showed a chart demonstrating how the Lions could conceivably still make the NFL Playoffs.

Let's start with the fact that they would have to win every remaining game, starting Sunday with the Vikings to finish 6-10-1. And the 49ers would have to lose every game left on their schedule.


After that, there's eight games a week that would have to have specific results to launch the Pussycats into a wild card playoff berth. And believe it or not, none of them are that far fetched, but the chance of them happening in that specific order are slim and none. But a five dollar bet on them would pay off nicely, so...why not dream?

Last night's Cowboys win over the Saints was the first step toward a Lions playoff bid!!

Some of the replies to the Tweet are glorious.

So 46 things must go right. If we assume each one has a 50 percent chance of happening (which obviously isn’t the case) then that gives them around a 1 in 70,000,000,000,000 chance


If it comes down to week 18 and the Packers have already clinched, the Packers should just give the Lions a sympathy forfeit.


Whenever (if ever) the Lions decide to become a competent football team, I think a series of crazy outcomes like this will be the catalyst


How about we just focus on the Lions winning 2 games, developing our young guys, and the Rams imploding to give the Lions a pair of high first round pick. #PlayoffsShmayoffs


the intern spent 72 hours working on this just for Detroit to lose on the first thing needed

It may not have been an intern who did the work here. It may have been this guy on Reddit who posted the same thing a day earlier. 

At any rate, good luck with that, Lions! We're rooting for you! Kind of...


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