Between the dark sky, the clouds, and the rain, it’s been pretty gloomy in Grand Rapids the past few days. 

It’s very rare for someone to hope for a gloomy day. You feel lazy, bored, sad, sleepy, and in general, it brings the overall mood down. However, as I was scrolling through the #grandrapids on Instagram I came across a picture of dark clouds looming over Downtown Grand Rapids and all I could think is how cool this picture is. 

I don’t mean to be cliché but there's so much beauty in the darkness, and with a glimpse of light, a sign of hope. As someone who prefers warm weather, sunny skies, and sundresses, it’s hard, even for me, not to get lost in the clouds. 

So, with that said, I say get lost! Especially during these unknown and scary times. Take it all in, and remember, there’s hope behind the clouds.

Kudos and credit to Chris Slonske for taking these incredible pictures. Hopefully they speak to you the way they did me :)

With Gloom Comes Hope in Grand Rapids

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