Cute Kid With Paper Dresses
Yup this title is blunt and to the point. This is the cutest little kid and she makes and wears paper dresses. Meet 4 year old Mayhem. Mayhem along side her mom make dresses (based on ones they have seen on celebrities and models) completely out of paper! They are awesome!
Jackie’s Daily Dose Of Cute
Today's daily dose of cuteness is this cat. I am a cat lady, a crazy cat lady. This cat is just the cutest thing I have ever seen! It's drinking tea! Out of a straw! I want him...
Jackie Ain't No Belieber!
As you know by know, Justin Bieber recently got charged with a DUI, driving around in a rented Lambo gettin' wastey-faced and acting like a complete jackass.
That said, just a few minutes ago Justin posted this photo on his Instagram page...