As The Detroit Red Wings wrap up the end of the regular season they are fighting for a final spot in the playoffs, It would be the team's first appearance since 2016.

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Before then the Red Wings had a 25-year streak of making the playoffs.

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In an event that can only be described as perfect timing, a Red Wings fan's celebration was caught on camera as food was being dropped off at their front door.

Food Delivery Driver Confused By Michigan Man Cheering For The Red Wings

Credit: Canva / Bleacher Report via Instagram
Credit: Canva / Bleacher Report via Instagram

On Monday, April 15, The Detroit Red Wings were playing at home at Little Caesars Arena against the Montreal Canadiens.

The game started with the Canadiens taking an early 2-0 lead in the first period

The Red Wings were able to get on the board and finish the first period down 2-1.

In the second period, the Canadiens scored two more goals followed by the Wings getting on the board again.

When the period was over the Canadiens had a 4-2 lead going into the third period.

Just when it looked like the Red Wings were going to lose, they were able to score two goals in the third period and force overtime.

Lucas Raymond scored with 25 seconds remaining in overtime, and the Detroit Red Wings rallied from three goals down to keep their Stanley Cup Playoff hopes alive.

At the same time, the Red Wings were in overtime about to win the game, and a delivery driver approached a home with a food order.

The driver sat it down on the front porch and snapped a picture.

The man inside the house went nuts as the Red Wings scored the game-winning goal.

The man standing outside appeared very confused as to what was happening.

The Detroit Red Wings wrap up the season tonight in Montreal.

They need a win and several other teams to lose to make the playoffs.

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