It's hard to go on social media and not see a hilarious video of social media star Frankie LePenna and his noticeable thick and juicy backside.

Credit: Franie LaPenna via Facebook
Credit: Franie LaPenna via Facebook

The Michigan native has some impressive social media stats including

  • 1.9 Million followers on Instagram
  • 7.2 YouTube Subscribers
  • 8.5 Milliion Tik Tok Followers

Some of Lepenna's videos have over 10 million views each.

Michigan Social Media Star Appears In New Ad With John Cena

Recently I saw a new video that featured LePenna and celebrity John Cena.

The new video was to promote the mobile game Candy Crush.

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What Is Candy Crush?

Candy Crush is a popular free-to-play mobile puzzle game released by King in 2012.

The game involves matching three or more candies of the same color on a game board to clear them and progress through various levels.

The game has over 2.7 billion downloads and made over $20 billion in revenue as of 2023.

The video starts with Frankie on the ground looking at his phone.

Around the corner comes John Cena wearing a shirt that says coach and a group of people walking behind him.

You can check out the full video below.

Watch: Frankie LaPenna Featured In New Candy Crush Ad Starring John Cena

@frankielapenna On my way to Crush it in the Candy Crush All Stars Tournament! @Candy Crush 👑 @John Cena #candycrushpartner#fyp♬ Candy Crush All Stars Tournament - Frankie LaPenna

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