Bay City, MI resident Jeffrey M. Gwizdala pled no contest to the charges against him, for drunkenly attacking his son with a sword, and using a dog as a shield when the police came for him. At least he picked some unique weapons with which to commit his crimes, right?

He's joined Alcoholics Anonymous, has been testing clean, and has been going to psychological treatment, and is apparently doing pretty well. Aside from being on his way to prison for 20 months to four years, things seem to be looking up for Mr. Gwizdala.

"Everything is looking better," he said. "I think if I keep doing what I'm doing here and keeping the positive motivation, I can put this in the past. I know it's not forgotten, but I can put it in the past and move forward."


The "it" he's referring to, is his anger at finding out his wife was friends on Facebook with some people he didn't like, getting drunk and screaming at everyone, before grabbing a sword and waving it around.

Apparently, his 20-year-old son said he was "acting like a child". Really? Waving a sword around in a drunken fit isn't adult behavior? I guess I've been planning my adult years wrong.