Marijuana: 7 Health Myths Up in Smoke
If you smoke a lot of weed will your sperm swim crazily about aborting any chance to fertilize an egg?  Does smoking dope lead to a life of clubbing old ladies & stealing their SS checks?  Will weed mess you up so bad that you'll download building plans for meth labs &…
Pot Stuffed Wheelchair Guy Trys to Roll Across The Border~
From our friends at AZCentral comes this new way to "roll" weed~
SAN DIEGO -- Authorities say a 19-year-old man pretending to be disabled was caught at the U.S.-Mexico border with five pounds of marijuana hidden under the seat of his wheelchair...
Canna Cola – Pop meets Weed~
A California entrepreneur has plans to market a line medical marijuana soft drinks.  Damn it! All the good ideas are all taken now~
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