Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about the video that was posted with the crazy idiots on the streets screaming hateful things, and even death threats! The video focuses on the one guy ranting at Muslims, but it seems there were a lot of other people out there throwing around a lot of their own hate speech on Easter Sunday.

In the immortal words of Hot Wings, "Generally people who speak out on a street corner are scummy."

Then the guys talk about a new survey that shows that a majority of Michiganders would vote to legalize and tax marijuana! 53% of state residents are for it.

The ballot proposal would allow Michiganders 21 and over to grow, possess, and sell pot, allow state and local governments pass regulations and impose up to a 10% tax on non-medical pot, with funding earmarked for education, road repairs, and local governments. It would also allow the legalization of industrial production of hemp products, that have nothing to so with marijuana.

Funny thing to try on this video. When it gets to the part where the guys talk about pot, play the video back at half speed. It sounds like all the guys are super stoned. Check it out and giggle.

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