A high school teacher in Rio Rancho, N.M., has resigned after a controversy surrounding one of her creative writing assignments.

Katrina Guarascio's creative writing class at Cleveland High School was tasked with rewriting a fairy tale or legend for modern times. One of her students took the story of Jesus Christ handing out bread and fish to the poor and interpreted it a little differently.

The student rewrote it to portray Christ handing out marijuana to sick people instead. During a peer-review session, another student got very offended and went home and told their parents.

See where this is going?

This caused a huge problem, and Guarascio was put on administrative leave while the matter was investigated.

Guarascio eventually resigned because she says she felt forced to, KOAT-TV reported. However, a Rio Rancho Public Schools spokeswoman told KOAT the teacher was not forced to resign because of the students’ freedom of speech rights, but did so on her own.

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