Oh, to be 17 again. Get up, go to high school, and apparently win gold medals for snowboarding at the Olympics. The catch? You didn't think they were that big of a deal! 

When Red Gerard was asked what he's going to do once he gets his medal, he responded, "yeah, look at it from quite some time? I don't know."

As it's the first gold medal for the United States in these Olympics, we'd hope he shows it off a little more than just him looking at it! It's a big deal! Or is it?

"Going into this, I always grew up just watching X Games, Dew Tour, U.S. Open and all that," he said,  "I think I'm starting to get how big the Olympics is."

He also shared while he was on his way to the event, his family and friends back home sent them a SnapChat of all of them shotgunning beers in his honor.

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