Have you wanted to have the most mind-blowing sex, yet also want to be stoned AF? Well, a quick trip to San Francisco might be an idea for you, to pick up some Sexxpot!

One night, stoner pot enthusiast Karyn Wagner smoked out with her husband, and really enjoyed the pot. Shea sled him to save some for later, and then, as you do, they got banging.

Mind-blowing sex followed. And, of course, she couldn't give any of the credit to her husband for doing a great job. She immediately credited the pot for putting her into an extremely aroused state, and giving her pot orgasms.

Her poor, poor husband.

Anyway, after some pseudo-medical terms like "the body’s endocannabinoid system", she worked on the pot a bit to create what she calls the most perfect pot to stimulate a woman sexually. I'm not sure if she grafted a penis onto the pot, but apparently this stuff is great for getting women taken care of.

But, you can only get it in San Francisco at the moment.

So ladies, if you want to have life-changing sex, the answer is not longer to find a partner who can work hard to give it to you. Nope! Now all you have to do is get stoned on Sexxpot, and then any old sex will become awesome!

Wait...does that mean us guys won't have to really work hard for it anymore? I guess there's an upside for us, too!

i bet her husband is secretly a little pissed off, thinking, "I tried a bunch of new things I'd read about on the internet that night, they worked, and I got NO kudos for them. F*** this Sexxpot crap!"

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