ClickonDetroit reports that the University of Michigan officials have instated an emergency stay-in-place order that has been issued for students effectively immediately until 7 am, November 3rd.

The stay-in-place order is Different from quarantine but will require them to stay at their residence with what ClickonDetroit calls “few exceptions“ to help slow down the COVID-19 outbreaks currently happening on campus. The order was issued by the Washtenaw County Health Department.

The stay-in-place order still allows essential activities as long as you follow proper coronavirus prevention measures like wearing a mask and keeping social distance. The hope of issuing the order is to limit socializing among the students at the university.  During the stay-in-place order, students must study in their residence unless they are going to class or using dining services, as well as doing approved work that can’t be done remotely. ClickonDetroit says students who want to go back to their primary residence are allowed, but the university has procedures for leaving the campus safely, and students have to follow that plan to return home.

According to ClickonDetroit,

“The situation locally has become critical, and this order is necessary to reverse the current increase in cases,” said Jimena Loveluck, health officer for Washtenaw County. “We must continue to do what we can to minimize the impact on the broader community and to ensure we have the public health capacity to fully investigate cases and prevent additional spread of illness.”

ClickonDetroit also reports University of Michigan officials are still working with faculty and students to make remote learning more accessible for the remainder of the semester, even after the stay-in-place order is lifted.

Robert Ernst, Executive Director of the U of M University Health Service and Associate Vice President for Student Life told ClickonDetroit,

"The university has been working closely with the health department all along in response to the pandemic and supports this decision to issue this stay at home order. This action is intended to reduce the strain on our capacities for contact tracing and quarantine and isolation housing. Many individuals and off-campus residences are cooperating fully, and we hope this additional guidance on limiting social activities reverses the trend of increased cases related to social gatherings.”

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