After last week's news story about Summer Lodewyk’s car purchase problems, there's an update with some good news! On today's Segment 16, the guys get the update from WOOD-TV.

The sleazy, corrupt car dealer, Allstate Auto Sales on South Division (DON'T GO THERE), finally gave Summer some of her downpayment back! It only took an investigative reporter one story, recounting all the times they've visited that dealer location for illegal activity by the owners, and a lot of their employees to make it happen.

That place, and those people, have some serious history. They need help. Or maybe, just stop being sleazeballs, guys?

Brandon Baker, of Car City on 28th, heard about the story, contacted her, and not only got her financing for a car, but got her into one with credit for a downpayment! Thanks Brandon, for being a great guy!

The guys also talk about the adorable puppy that came in today that Free Beer is totally going to adopt. We love the puppies!

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