We've seen a rise in catalytic converter theft throughout West Michigan over the past year. The Walker Police Department is telling folks watch to watch - and listen - for, and how to protect your vehicle.

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An Increase in Catalytic Converter Theft

Over the summer, WZZM-13 reported that there had already been 83 catalytic converter thefts in Kent County, compared to just four in 2020.  Earlier this month two suspects were arrested trying to steal catalytic converters from a tow truck company in Comstock Park.

West Michigan Police Departments have warned that carpool areas and businesses with unattended parking lots are targets for catalytic converter thieves.

Why Are Thieves Stealing Catalytic Converters?

What's the reason for the uptick in catalytic converter theft? The prices for the metals inside them-  rhodium, platinum and palladium - have risen drastically. As the prices rise, the thefts increase.

What to Listen and Look for

This week, the Walker Police Department shared info about catalytic converter theft to Facebook. They say if your car is suddenly extremely loud, look underneath it. If you see what looks like the photo they shared, with the exhaust cut, you've been the victim of catalytic converter theft.

This type of theft continues to plague the West MI area, including here in Walker. Most times these incidents occur under the cover of darkness, but sometimes more brazen thieves cut off these car parts in broad daylight!

How to Protect Your Car from Catalytic Converter Theft

To avoid having your catalytic converter stolen, it's always best to park inside a locked area. If you have to park outside, make sure the area is well lit. There's also a type of lock you can buy to secure your catalytic converter.

Walker Police also say that if you see someone sawing off a car part and the situation seems sketchy, call the police! This will give them the opportunity to catch thieves in the act.

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