WOOD-TV's Henry Erb was investigating a woman's complaint against a car dealer who kept her deposit and screwing her out of a car when he was kicked out of the dealership. The guys check out the story on today's Segment 16.

A woman lost her car in a car wreck, and contacted a local car dealer to help get into a new car. The dealer, Allstate Auto Sales, proceeded to take her for a $1,500 deposit, and never got her approved for a loan for a vehicle.

And they refuse to return her deposit.

They also claim that she signed a "contract" that they can keep it. The BBB and a lawyer say this is BS, and hopefully the woman can sue.

The entire car lot seems to be populated by criminals and people investigated for fraud, and other criminal activity, so you should probably stay away from that place. Chances are you will get ripped off, too. Watch the story below.

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