Nothing beats summer vacation in Michigan. Long, sunny days are made better with beaches, boats, campfires and pets.

You can always rent a boat if you don't own one. Now you can rent a dog too!

One Michigan vacation rental will include a dachshund dog for $5 per day.

The Badger Hound House is on Huyck Lake in Marcellus, Mich. It is being rented on

The rental includes a full size refrigerator, stove, microwave, rowboat, laundry soap, coffee, filters and a dachshund. Although the wiener dog will cost you extra. They are $5 per day, unless you promise to "give the doggy a bath, brush his/her hair or take him/her for a walk." If you do, then the rental is free.

Why are they renting wiener dogs?

Because the owners are the founders of the Long Dog Retreat Dachshund Rescue.

The rescue is just across the street from the rental property. Dogs can be checked out for just a few hours or for your entire stay. The dogs benefit from the social interaction and the rescue benefits because when you rent a dog 10 percent of your rental fees are donated to the rescue.

To rent a dachshund you'll need to fill out a short-term foster contract and any pets you bring with you will need to be current with their shots.

A great way to add fun to vacation while helping out a worthy cause!

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