There are very few video games that I can play with my wife. She doesn't really get into action, FPS, RPG, platformers, etc. However, when it comes to a puzzle's on! The ease of play when it comes to puzzle games is great, especially when you are trying to get your wife to play video games.


  • Tetris

    How could you not post this game on the list? Tetris is one of the most recognizable video games to ever hit society.

    Different shaped blocks fall from the top and you have a limited amount of time to place them correctly to create lines. The more lines you create, the higher your score. Keep at it though, because as you progress and the levels go up, the blocks will fall faster and faster! There are some insane video's on YouTube of a massive amount of lines people have completed.

    In the end, Tetris is the standard of puzzle games. When you think of puzzle games, you will usually think of Tetris. It's available on pretty much any platform you can think of.

  • Dr. Mario

    I remember the strange commercial to this game of a witch doctor and some dude. They were playing Dr.Mario on Game Boy and the guy ended up with a shrunken head...I don't know, it was the 90's.

    Dr. Mario has a very Tetris style to it. Mario tosses pills into a bottle full of virus'. Match up the proper colors of the pills to the virus' and clear the bottle. What was pretty unique about this game was that you could build a chain reaction and just wipe the bottle clean of virus'.

    I was never really good at this game, like many puzzle games, but it was a lot of fun and the music was extremely catchy! Even more fun when you play with a friend, even if that friend is way better than you.

    Dr. Mario is available on most Nintendo consoles.

  • Hexic HD

    This was the first Xbox 360 game I ever played! Why? It was pre-loaded onto my 360 Hard Drive! Little did I know, this game was also worked on by the guy who made the original Tetris as well!

    How it plays you get a large set of hexagons that you can either move left or right. You are given a number of 'combos' that you have to reach in order to beat the level. Beware! There are bombs that could drop down and count down from every move you make, if you don't get rid of the bomb, GAME OVER!

    If you can combine the right amount of hexagons together, you can create different types of sets like a Flower, Stars, and even a Black Pearl. In order to get these though, you need to plan your moves and hope for the best that the colors you want to drop from the top come on down.

    It's a pretty fun game, I have a hard time getting into it though. My wife on the other hand played the living hell out of this game one night till about 4 am!

    Hexic HD is available on Xbox 360.

  • Peggle

    Peggle is one of those games that you can pick up and play. No real thought process needed for this one!

    You get a pellet shooter? Is that what you call it? Shoot little balls at pegs. Clear the entire board of pegs with the balls you have and beat the level.

    The look and feel of this game is just crazy. Strange cartoon characters and a choir of celebration when you successfully complete a level. The setting of this game is so wildly out there, you can't help but enjoy it. Shooting the little balls takes just the basic aiming and hoping that you will hit all of the pegs. This is that game that everyone can play, and is just fun when you want to pass the time.

    Peggle is available on PS3, XB360, and PC.

  • Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

    This game happens to not only be fun, but very frustrating. Just try playing the single player at some point and see how far you get, you will get mad and shout, "This game is cheating!' You could be doing very well in the game, then out of left field, your opponent can drop a bombshell on you!

    This is the Sega Genesis version of the game, if you had a SNES, it was called Kirby's Avalanche, and in Japan, it was called Puyo Puyo.

    Like Dr. Mario, match up the bean color and watch them go. As long as you don't let you beans reach the top of the screen, you'll win! The thing you need to learn to survive this game though, is combos. It is imperative that you figure out combo streams, or else your game will end rapidly. I would consider this game for a more advanced puzzle player, because of it's crazy difficulty towards the end, unless you are a Master Combo-maker.

    When I was in high school, I had a friend who was a Master at this game. He got so addicted to it, we would stop band practice just to watch him play the game.

    Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is available on Genesis, Game Gear, and most newer game consoles a download, and on Steam.

  • Bomberman

    When I met my wife and she found out that I enjoyed playing old skool games, she told me that her game that she used to play when she was younger was Bomberman on SNES.

    I wasn't a huge Bomberman player, mostly cause I suck at it, but it's quite the fun game!

    If you can grab a SNES Multi-Tap, you will be in business! Playing this game with 4 players is a massacre of fun. The object of the game is to figure out how you can place bombs in the proper areas to take out your opponents. Reaching them and proper bomb placement is the puzzle aspect of the game.  Whoever wins the most rounds will be the Bomberman Champ! It's a fun game that most people can figure out quickly, so jump in to some Bomberman!

    There have been some good and bad Bomberman games (specifically the Xbox 360 one...). The best ones though you will find on SNES. However, there are some good downloadable ones on PS and Xbox.