Fun Facts About Tetris
Drop this block, create a line, drop another block, TETRIS!
Tetris is the game that is most likely on everyone's cell phone, and a big reason why the original Game Boy was a super success.
Did you know the game came from beyond the Iron Curtain though?
Puzzle Games!
There are very few video games that I can play with my wife. She doesn't really get into action, FPS, RPG, platformers, etc. However, when it comes to a puzzle game...it's on! The ease of play when it comes to puzzle games is great, especially when you are trying to get your wife to play v…
Games To Try Before You Die: Tetris (NES, Game Boy, iOS, etc)
The question of the century should be, "Who hasn't played Tetris?" Tetris is the most popular puzzle game of all time. With games at the time like Super Mario Bros. where you were saving the princess, everyone got on board the puzzle craze that is Tetris. Started in the late 8…