The question of the century should be, "Who hasn't played Tetris?" Tetris is the most popular puzzle game of all time. With games at the time like Super Mario Bros. where you were saving the princess, everyone got on board the puzzle craze that is Tetris. Started in the late 80's and the craze continues today.

What: Tetris is a simple game where blocks fall from the top the screen. You must direct these blocks to fit perfectly to create lines. When you create a line, the line disappears and the blocks keep coming until you fill the screen with mis-placed blocks and you lose. THE NEVER ENDING GAME!

Why: Looking for a time waster? Tetris is your medicine for that. Tetris is game has been ported to every console! From Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Game Boy, iPad, iPhone, Graphing calculators, EVERYTHING! Tetris is one every platform you can think of. It's a fun and addicting game and is really easy to understand. Pretty much anyone can play Tetris. Heck, the REASON that the original Game Boy sold so well is because of the pack in title of TETRIS!

If you haven't played Tetris yet, make sure you do!