Pornhub is known for their funny antics when it comes to having fun with their viewers, remember April Fool's Day and "Cornhub"? 

Well this is no joke, it's actually pretty impressive! Pornhub is making moves to be more accessible to people with hearing and sight disabilities!

They have already launched videos with audio descriptions for those who have sight disabilities and now they are working to add closed-captioning for over 1,000 videos! The closed-captioning makes it so those with hearing loss can get more context than just seeing two people mashing hams.

Also if you're kinda skeevy or just are passionate about porn for all, then they have a job for you! Each of the videos that will feature the closed-captioning will be hand-captioned instead of just using an algorithm! One lucky (or miserable) person gets to sit and watch porn all day and type-up every moment of awkward dialogue, neat!

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