On Saturday night, Pop Evil returned home for a packed show to help wrap up their tour for their latest album. They brought along some friends, Badflower, and Kaleido for the show.

They came right out of the gate with "Trenches", and rocked the crowd with tons of great songs, and some fun new things added to the show, just for Grand Rapids.

There was a cool piano moment with drummer Hayley, who's incredibly talented, and they've started to add more things to their set to showcase her. Leigh was also talking about how excited he is to begin work on the new album with the things she can bring to the band's writing.

No one left disappointed from this show, as Pop Evil rocked their hometown hard, and they were obviously having a great time playing for friends and family, glad to be home.

Now, a bit of a break for the band, as they gear up for a new album. Until then, enjoy these videos from the show!

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