This is a huge hit as more companies continue to feel the affects of the worldwide pandemic.

NPC International, the operator of over 1,200 Pizza Hut chains has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, CNN Business reports. On top of coronavirus-related problems the company was already about $1 billion in debt. Pizza Hut has also been struggling with their sales for the last few years.

Pizza Hut and Wendy's will continue to operate as normal while NPC goes through the bankruptcy proceedings. The pizza chain's CEO said in a statement to CNN Business they support the decision if it means a more positive outcome.

The company added that filing will "strengthen the overall health and performance of the entire system for the long term."

Pizza Hut has over 7,100 restaurants in the U.S. and NPC International is their largest franchisee. CNBC says that Pizza Hut's parent company Yum Brands is "could lose up to $54.2 million of annualized royalty revenue."

In addition to Pizza Hut, NPC International also has 400 Wendy's restaurants which only makes up small portion of the fast food chain's 6,500 locations.

As of right now there have been no announcements of closures, however, it's not unlikely.

Just last week, Chuck E. Cheese filed for bankruptcy and said that 34 locations would permanently close, including the one in Muskegon. GNC was the other retailer to announce they would be closing 1,300 stores.

It goes without saying it's been a rough year on so many types of businesses.

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