June 10 is National Iced Tea Day!
There's a day for pretty much everything out there - donut day, eat whatever you want day, and now, iced tea day!
June 10th is officially National Iced Tea Day! How can you celebrate?!?
Your Night Just Got Better With Wendy’s!
Looking for a good meal at night but don't really care to bring out the grill yourself? Seriously man, I hate cooking at late night...IT TAKES TO LONG! Check out Wendy's Late Night Menu tonight!
Wendy’s “Grill Skills” Video From The 80’s
Anyone who has worked in the restaurant biz can probably remember a video like this from their training. I myself worked at the one and only Irish themed restaurant, Bennigans. We were forced to watch training videos our first week like crazy and all of them were over the top outdated. When I came a…
Wendy’s New Moonlight Meal Deal Rocks!
If you are a night owl like me burning the midnight oil, then you will most likely appreciate this as much as I do! Wendy's has a all new late night only special called the Moonlight Meal Deal... it's freaking awesome. Every single night of the week after 10PM you can go on over to Wendy's and for…