#PeopleDoingGood over in Cascade Township as a group of caring neighbors came together to help a lady find her lost dog, after a bizarre accident

As WOODTV reports, last Thursday, Anne Aldrich was taking her Akita-Chow-Terrier, that she rescued 7months ago, to Cascade Hospital for Animals, for a vet visit. It was when she was turning into the veterinary clinic her car was hit and she was temporarily trapped inside and injured with a broken sternum. WOODTV says that her dog Sadie got scared and jumped out of the back of the car through the hatch, which had a broken window. A firefighter on the scene tried to catch the dog but was unable to.

As Anne was at the hospital for her injuries, her family jumped into action with her husband and one of her daughters searching for the dog and another daughter posting to social media and the Nextdoor app.

That’s when they truly got to see #PeopleDoingGood as neighbors and people they didn’t even know began searching as well and posting sightings of the lost dog, according to WOODTV.  Finally, after two days of the community looking for Sadie, a break in the case came. Saturday morning, one of the searchers was looking at social media and recognized the area that Sadie was last spotted in.  So she had Anne’s daughter go check the area, as it was close to the original crash scene.  That’s where they found Sadie too, a neighbor knew about the search and was able to grab the dog until the daughter could get there.

The best part is the quote on WOODTV from Anne's Daughter, Sarah, after the dog was found and reunited with Anne,

“She was so happy. She’d been dreaming about her. She didn’t sleep very well the night before. And the next night, my dad said she slept fantastic because Sadie was in her dog bed next to their bed,” Sarah said. “With everything that’s going on right now, things are tough. But, it made us feel so good about our community and that people are willing to do good things for us — for strangers.”

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