An original copy of the classic Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros. sold for record breaking $114,000 last week during an online event by Heritage Auctions.  The previous record, according to an article by Rolling Stone, was set by another sale of an original sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. last year for $100,000.

The latest copy of Super Mario Bros. fetched the $114,000 price due to it's high rating of '9.4' and its packaging which was only used for a short time in America, thus verifying that it was one of the first versions of the game to be sold.

Heritage Auctions currently has another copy of the game that is technically rated higher at a '9.8' but is priced significantly lower because of the Nintendo service sticker and other differences that imply it was a later version of the game to be sold.

Heritage Auctions (
Heritage Auctions (

You can read more about the special copy of Super Mario Bros. that sold for $114,000 on Heritage Auctions website and they'll even tell you why it having a cardboard hang tab made it an ultra rare copy.

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