We had an amazingly productive day in the rehearsal room yesterday. We arranged a full-band, acoustic version of "Follow" and spent some time jamming on the new arrangement of "Bloody Sunrise." We also worked on a new arrangement for "Get a Little," and for the last 2 hours we jammed on some brand new songs.

Dean woke up yesterday with both of his eyes swollen shut. It took him a few hours to even start to see. We think he must have had an allergic reaction to the pillows in the crack hotel. Poor guy, his eyes were bothering him all day, but he was a trooper and didn't let it effect his bass playing.

After rehearsal we invited a bunch of friends out to a spot just down the hill from where we're staying called Laurel Tavern, and the party eventually moved up to the Michael Gurley's house. We all had so much fun but I am severely hungover today. Mitch and I still got up at 8am and went for our walk down to get coffee and supplies for the day, but we walked a little slower than usual. Haha!

Today we're going to a pretty famous rehearsal spot called Mates. The room we are using is the one that the Foo Fighters used to audition guitar players, System of a Down wrote a whole record in there, and Kiss rents it out to rehearse quite a bit. We used it about a year ago and it's a really good sounding room.

I hope this hangover lifts by load-in time. It's been an amazing stay in Los Angeles but I'm ready to be back on the road tomorrow morning. I miss my bunk in the bus.

– Phil Vilenski

Guitarist Phil Vilenski from Wayland is a touring contributor to WGRD.com. So, keep an eye out for more tour stories from the band!