TMZ paparazzi found O.J. Simpson at a gas station shortly after his release from prison earlier in the night.

Simpson was not exactly excited to see them but also didn't seem to hate it all too much.

When the paps first roll up, O.J.'s first reaction is asking, "Y'all stalking me?"

He then lets them know he doesn't exactly know how freedom feels because he had been in a car for five hours.

Simpson definitely does not earn an "Optimistic O.J." title for this interview though because, well, he's honestly pretty realistic.

"I've been in nowhere, USA for the last nine years doin' nothing," Juice said. "Nothing has changed in my life! I mean what do you expect?"

Nothing may have changed in O.J.'s life, but he's about to realize he's in a whole new world compared to what it was when he went into prison back in 2008.

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