If you're about to be released from prison, the last thing you should do is threaten to kill a guard.

That's exactly what inmate Jemel Thompson did just hours before he was scheduled for release from Michigan's Milan federal prison. Not only did Thompson make the threat against a guard but he also bragged that there was nothing anyone could do about it. Boy, was he wrong.

According to The Detroit News, prosecutors unsealed a new criminal case Friday, hours before Thompson was supposed to walk free. Now, this guy is looking at another six years if convicted.

Apparently, Thompson wrote  "F--- Feds" and "I'm going (sic) kill (the guard's last name) on the walls of his cell.

Thompson told the guard that he was going to come up to the prison with his Bloods to kill him. Then he made a hand gesture like he was firing a gun.

After being warned not to threaten the guard, he said I don't give a s---," I'm going to kill him."

He kept threatening this guard over and over and eventually even threatened to kill his family.

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My favorite part of the story is is when Thompson told the prison's psychology staff that he won't get into any trouble because he was scheduled to be released. Well, that is true. He was scheduled to be released but was quickly arrested again.

Thompsons, 32 has been in and out of jail since he was 16-years-old. At one point, he was convicted of arson for burning down a youth home.

Yeah, this dude needs to stay right where he is...behind bars.

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