And ya know those commercials you see on TV advertising those really sharp steak knives that can cut threw a cinder block and then still slice a tomato paper thin?  Did you know they can also slice thru a cinder block and then slice the tip of your penis off?  Ouch. Yes, they can....

This is a story that you do not want to hear.. A Cincinnati couple, 34 year old Brain Cannon and 32 year old Lisa Cannon, and apparently one of their hobbies is cooking in the nude.  A little weird, but not completely unheard of.  Well Mr and Mrs Cannon had recently purchased one of those super sharp knife sets you see advertised on TV.  The ones that can cut threw the hull of 747 like butter and still slice a soft tomato paper thin.

Last week Mr and Mrs Cannon were cooking in the nude, Mr Cannon was chopping a cucumber for a salad he was making.  When naked Mrs Cannon started rubbing up against naked Mr Cannon.  This got Mr Cannon aroused.  So he stopped slicing  and played around with his naked wife for a minute, before he went back to slicing.. Well somehow, and I don't know exactly how, but somehow when naked Mr Cannon went back to slicing, he was still aroused from fooling around with naked Mrs Cannon and he somehow sliced off the tip of his penis!  Ouch!   Ouch, ouch!   Can you even imagine the pain of that?

Screaming in pain Mr Cannon wrapped his wanker in a cloth while Mrs Cannon placed the tip of his cut off penis in a plastic baggy and rushed him to the emergency room.  No word yet on weather or not doctors were able to super glue Mr Cannons penis tip back on or not.  But he is going to live.   That my friends, is one messed up story.  Whew....makes me cringe just thinking about it.