A Double Lesbian Homicide! From the Bar Stool:
Dahmer is no stranger to weird nights drinking at various Grand Rapids establishments and he hears a ton of messed up crap! This is one of those tales. It's another edition of From the Bar Stool.
I hear a lot of good stories when I’m out drinking, so of course I always share them…
Naked Man Slices Off Tip Of His Penis While Cooking!
And ya know those commercials you see on TV advertising those really sharp steak knives that can cut threw a cinder block and then still slice a tomato paper thin?  Did you know they can also slice thru a cinder block and then slice the tip of your penis off?  Ouch. Yes, they can....
Heavy Weights Week 3!
Once again, if you missed last nights craziness, then you are in luck!  I have another video to catch you up on everything Heavy Weights, and make sure to come out next friday night for week 4, at the Intersection 8:00!!!!
Heavy Weights Week 3
Where Can I Find A Good Hooker?
Any of you guys ever spend a night in a hotel room with a hooker?  Good times huh?  Yea...I'd say....but ya gotta be careful man, careful she doesn't have a knife....or something very unpleasant could happen......