Some guys just don't know when to quit.  Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil is at odds with the law once again, this time for domestic assault. The charges stem from an incident with his former girlfriend, Alicia Jacobs, and a group of her friends.  Neil allegedly confronted Jacobs at the Las Vegas Hilton on March 24 and poked her hard in the shoulder.

RTTNews reports that the singer has been charged with battery domestic violence and disorderly conduct and could face another six months in prison for each charge if convicted.  Neil already spent 10 days in jail as a result of his second DUI charge.  Not surprisingly, Neil denies the allegations.

"I never touched her," the musician stated. "She's the one who followed me out into the casino afterwards. I was with four hotel executives. They know it didn't happen. I didn't go over to her for any other reason than to be friendly and polite. She was with a couple, and I let off on him for continuing to write stuff that simply wasn't true. He swore at me to go screw myself; I told him the same. I immediately walked away. That fast — no screaming or hitting or touching."

Vince Neil is scheduled to appear in Las Vegas Justice Court on May 2.  This may put a serious monkey wrench in Motley Crue's tour plans this summer if Neil is convicted of all charges.

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