1995 was a pretty cool year! Actually I can't quite think about anything else that happened that year. I was still a kid watching Nickelodeon, playing Super Nintendo, playing with Gak, etc.

I loved the video game Mortal Kombat! So when I heard that a Mortal Kombat movie was coming out, I was pretty excited!

I did forget something though, the movie was about to be old.

As of this year, Mortal Kombat the movie is 20 years old! Ya feel old yet? I know I sure do!

I remember seeing this movie for the first time renting it from Family Video on a VHS tape. Believe it or not, not everything was on a disc. I remember my parents kind of being skeptical on me renting it because they knew what the video game was all about.

Fortunately for me though? It was rated PG-13.

It's not an amazing movie by any means but it's a fun movie none the less, and nowadays it's pretty hokey. At this time, video games movies were pretty tarnished by the Super Mario Bros movie and Street Fighter, but Mortal Kombat kept the look and feel of the game, just minus the blood.

I still put this movie on the shelf of 'pretty good video game movies.'

Since this 1995 movie, the internet has done a pretty damn good job at rebooting of the franchise for film, with Mortal Kombat: Legacy.