When I was younger, like around 2006, I was in a band called Groundswitch.

At the time, Pop Punk was pretty popular, easy to play, and was easy to write for. So why not create a Pop Punk band right? Chicks seemed to dig it! Plus I was balls deep into Green Day's 'American Idiot' so I was heavily inspired by that.

Today, 9 years ago, was the final day of my first ever band.

Even though pop punk is basically dead and no one gives two s***s about it anymore, this band was a hell of a time.

We played a Ten Bells (now closed) with a band called Relapse. It was actually kind of a big show for us.

See, at the time, there was a few venues that as a local band you strived to play at.

  • Skelletones
  • Hungry Hearts Cafe
  • Intersection
  • Ten Bells
  • Liquid Room
  • Local festivals

We played a festival in Muskegon, Intersection High School Battle of the Bands, Liquid Room, and finally Ten Bells. Intersection was considered the big house to me, and still is.

It sucks that it ended since we never advertised it as the FINAL SHOW, it just ended cause it did.

Amazingly, our old Myspace is still around if you want to hear our tunes.