If you have been watching the sample videos for the upcoming King of the Wing competition, you'll see me in every single episode.

Out of the 4 places that we went, Janna was a one, Johnnie was at three, and I was at all four of them.

I have never eaten so many wings in my life.

Most people would be excited to just continually eat wings, but stick a fork in me man, I'm done.

I have eaten buffalo wings, hot wings, spicy wings, rubbed wings, just freaking every wing that you can think of! I'm not gonna lie though, all of the wings that I ate were fantastic.

Most, if not all of these wings will be available at the 3rd Annual King of the Wing, which you can sample each one for only .50 a wing, which is a very sweet deal.

Will I be eating anymore wings at King of the Wing? I guess you'll have to come on down and find out, by the way, it is FREE to get in!